1. Initial Consultation

Get in touch and we will setup a meeting, free of charge, for an in-depth analysis of your space, the people using it and the desired outcome.


2. Concept / Vision

After assessing exactly you want from the space, a follow up meeting is held where you’ll be presented with a concept board and given a clear idea of the overall direction and vision we have for the space.


3. Fee / Contractual

If you love the concept board and vision for the space and want to proceed, you’ll be given a costing quote and service contract.


4. Design Development

Here we work out the best usage for your space – creating detailed and scaled floor & furniture plans, realistic 3D Room visuals and decide on the perfect color palette. All the furniture, décor and interior finishes such as paint, wallcoverings and flooring are also selected at this stage – and any construction / renovation plans are finalized.


5. Construction & Installation

Overseeing of all the sub-contractors and ensuring everything related to the project is progressing on schedule and as planned. Following any construction / renovation work, we coordinate the delivery and installation of your new furnishings, accessories and décor and then handover your beautiful new living space.

Project Completion
... Home Office Concept Board
... Bedroom 3D Visualization
... 1 Bedroom Apartment - Furniture Floor Plan Layout